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Organization Development

Organization Development, championed at the top, builds on the strengths of your organizational culture while positioning your people to overcome patterns that would otherwise limit the entire system’s capacity to succeed.

Investing in this type of service is appropriate if you want to:

• Navigate Change – while minimizing its disruption

• Enhance Supervisors’, Managers’, and Executives’ Leadership Skills

• Resolve Communication Issues

• Improve Team Work

• Solve Morale and Turnover Problems

• Link Pay to Contribution

• Align Performance With Potential

• Capitalize on Shifts in Structure or Strategy

• Clarify Roles and Prerogatives

• Revitalize Vision and Intent

• Produce a Retreat to Celebrate Achievements
and Set New Goals

• Transform Routine Meetings into Meaningful Work Sessions


Our Core Services consist of Organization Development, Leadership and
Staff Development, and Executive Coaching. All services are designed and delivered to address the specifics of your strategic intent, organizational culture and the talents of your leadership and staff.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching supports an Individual's Professional Development. Most often a part of a system-wide organization development effort, investing in this service is appropriate for:

Managers and Key Staff who are

  • Managing for the first time or under more stressful circumstances
  •     Being groomed for executive leadership
  •     Handling a difficult person or situation
  •     Experiencing a downturn in motivation or productivity
  •     Challenged when expected to work with others as a team member
  •     Adversely affecting your bottom line with their professional or interpersonal style
  •     Spending more time and energy than necessary producing results through others
  •     Responsible for a higher than acceptable turnover rate
  •     Invaluable except that their people skills need polish

Founders, CEOs, and Council Chairpersons who are

  •    Charged with revitalizing the organization's sense of purpose
  •    Considering a new strategic intent for their organization
  •    Committed to becoming an even more effective leader
  •    Wondering "what next?" at the close of a long term of exceptional service
  •    Faced with a challenging interpersonal situation
  •    Wondering where the fun of running their organization has gone
  •    Ready to craft and/or implement a succession plan
  •    Experiencing a drop in their own motivation or joy

Leadership and
Staff Development

Leadership or Staff Development advances the professional competencies of a Group of Individuals.

Most often a part of a system-wide organization development effort, investing in this service is appropriate if you have two or more managers, supervisors and/or staff upon whom you rely to:

  • Implement a new direction, shifts in policy and/or updated
    business processes
  • Communicate effectively with their co-workers and reporting individuals
  • Foster a non-hostile work environment
  • Contribute during planning
  • Champion your strategic intent
  •  Ignite commitment to continuous improvement
  • Prevent and resolve conflict
  • Develop teamwork and a positive culture within their work groups
  • Build loyalty among your customers and partner with your community

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