“You truly listen and “get” my world.  Every day I use something we have discussed.  The operation has never run better and – thanks to your steady, positive encouragement – I put in for that promotion.  Whatever is next – I am ready! (and I can sleep…)”

– Operations Manager, Local District of a National Not for Profit Social Services Agency

“Sylvia was absolutely magnificent in a very tense, difficult situation.  She went on to help us understand, collaborate and work with Board, staff and donors.  She kept us steady and headed us forward. We extended her contract twice.”

President – Non-Profit Board of Directors

"It has been my great privilege to have had the opportunity to work with Sylvia. Not only is she an exceptionally committed, articulate, effective leader with a wealth of experience in helping organizations unite, strategize and successfully navigate through the most challenging of circumstances, but she also possesses a rare combination of intellect, intuition, compassion and humor.
I will always be personally and professionally grateful for the positive impact she had on our organization." Secretary – Non-Profit Board of Directors

“Sylvia's gift is to clear the brush from the trees in what an organization needs.  She gets to what is at the heart of the various interests involved and fearlessly challenges assumptions, coaching each member to be at their best, to step up to the changes necessary.  Always a pleasure to work with, she breaks down barriers to progress and helps build better organizations quickly.”   – Finance & Accounting Consultant

“As a member of the Board of Directors for Sebastopol Center for the Arts, I have worked with Sylvia for the last year. She has coached us through some very difficult organizational challenges and I find her extensive experience in a broad range of Human Resource activities to be exemplary. She has a unique way of being empathetic and firm at the same time. She has won the hearts and minds of our entire Board! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve the people side of their organizations and welcome any inquires.” Chair, Personnel Committee – Non-Profit
Board of Directors

“Really appreciate the coaching.  My confidence regained and I come in to work happy again!  Wish we’d had you all along.”

– Branch Operations Specialist, Regional Commercial Bank


“Look forward to the days when Sylvia is here.  With her help, we have come further in the last 3 months than in the two years since I hired on.  If they really want us to grow, they should just bring her on staff.”

– V.P./Branch Manager/Business Relations Manager, Regional Commercial BanK

“Cannot believe how much we got done in one evening.  Tightly run, on target.  Let’s take Sylvia to the whole outfit.”

– Housing Director,
Tribal Government

“Sylvia is fearless. Knows her stuff. We count her as an adjunct member of our Senior Leadership Team.”

– General Manager,
Native American
Gaming Organization

“I never spoke to a Board of Directors before.
This was good.”

- Client Facing Staff Member, Social Services Non-Profit Agency

“Hard work but Sylvia was there for me when it came time to use it – real time.” – Supervisor, Sales and Distribution

– Western District of a global manufacturing organization


“Very impressed with resolution of long standing interpersonal conflicts.  Outstanding skill at engaging resistant teams in our change initiative.  Has a unique way
of developing ownership of key metrics among formerly resentful
front line staff. 
Highly recommend.“

- Regional HR Director, National HMO


“Boss yelling less.  Team actually sharing information.  Never thought I’d see it.”

- Local Facilities Manager, Regional Hospitality Chain


“Add Sylvia to a room full of managers burdened with old grudges and older work practices and watch them become an enthusiastic team! Or give her a bunch
of entrenched, contrite “experts” and get back a set of laughing, collaborative “comrades in arms!”  Need adversaries to work together? 'Add Sylvia
and watch them turn into allies!  Pure magic!'”

– Director, Corporate Development,

Western Region of a National Not for Profit


“Very difficult working relationship much more liveable now.  I and my whole team appreciate your expertise but more than that – your Heart.”

– V.P./Branch Manager, Regional
Commercial Bank

“Many years in management but what Sylvia teaches is a revelation.  I have learned so much and can see the results as I put it to the test.  My team and I are better for having worked with her.”

 - Dining Room Manager, Local District of a National Not for Profit
Social Services Agency

“You have helped us deal with our most challenging issues – including our own accountabilities.
I look forward to working with you further.” 
Executive Director,
Non-Profit Agency


“I trust you.”

– Executive Director,
Non-Profit Agency

“Excellent resource.  Cannot recommend highly enough. Responsive, expert support with worst case scenarios.  Steady, consistent partner in day-day org. design and staff engagement. But more - can also rely on her colleagues who are expert-level specialists. Sylvia brings the quality.”

– HR Director,
Native American Gaming Organizaton


“Thank you Sylvia for your help with our analysis, our presentation and our team interactions.  All our work building that business case with you paid off – and then some!”

– VP/Branch & Business Relations Manager, Regional Commercial Bank


“Sunny disposition. Incisive cultural analysis. Compassionate feedback. Pragmatic coaching. The right changes at the right time. Money well spent.”

– Regional Director, National Tech Support Organization

“Says what she means. Means what she says. I was skeptical until I tried a couple of things for myself.”

– Security and Surveillance Manager, Native American Gaming Organization

“Nightmare issue.
Brilliantly handled.
You should run all
our meetings.”

– Member, Executive Committee, Non-Profit Board of Directors

“Good work. Glad you were available.”

 - Gaming Commissioner, Native American Gaming Organization

“Most solid support in my 29 year career.  Good to be seen as a leader. Better to get the necessary tools.”

- District Merchandising and Sales Director,
National Retail Chain

“Most solid support in my 29 year career.  Good to be seen as a leader.  Better to get the necessary tools.”

- District Merchandising and Sales Director,
National Retail Chain

“Funny, knowledgeable, a complete pro – a perfect fit for our diverse organizational culture.  We thank you for your down to earth help getting us through this change.”

Assistant City Manager , SF Bay Area Municipality

“Cannot recommend Sylvia highly enough – helped us re-engage staff and get our programs back on track. ..energetic, knowledgeable, great to work with...”

Chairman, Tribal Council - WIA Grantee

“I am a doctor, not a manager.  Never will be but Sylvia has helped me understand how leadership does fit and what I can do better.  Physician – heal myself? Certainly – with some coaching.”

Founding Partner – Multi-Specialty
Medical Practice,
SF Bay Area

“I have always said ‘I just work here’ but for the first time, I am looking forward to coming in to the office. “

Staff member,  County Agency – Northern California County


“My boss sent me to school to study manage-ment but I brought back the university’s brightest star.  Sylvia has a way of bringing all that theory down to ground level.
 I already see more ‘team’ in the management team and expect to see better labor relations all around.”

A.G.M. – Operations - Regional Transit Authority

 “Thank you for your insightful analysis of our strengths and challenges – we look forward to working with you to build the service-oriented organization our people so deserve.”

Tribal Administrator


“Great to have a non-company person.  Believe her neutrality. Actually have hope that ongoing feud is at an end.”

Team Lead
– Global Manufacturer (Technology)

 “Did not see the value/need.  Seemed like a waste of time until I caught on to what she was doing.  Proof is that wait time already down. “

Pharmacist, Bay Area Hospital - National HMO

“Sylvia and her team have been ‘spot on’ in addressing both our short term training needs and our longer range hurdles in becoming more competitive. “

G.M., Native Owned Gaming Enterprise


“Thank you for all you’ve done to reconnect our team with the home office.  Getting heard.  Getting recognized.  Proud again.”

- Local Food and Beverage Manager, Regional Hospitality Chain

“You are a Pro. Thanks for keeping us grounded. 
Plan seems to be working so far and meetings still short but productive.
You taught us how.”

- Member,
 Inter-Community Task Force/Founding Executive Director,
Social Services Non-Profi

“We have used Sylvia for team building, conflict resolution and the grooming of key executives in the area of communication and leadership skills.  The results were more than we expected and we consider her our strategic partner when it comes to the people that make our company succeed.” HR Director, Organic Foods Manufacturer

“Found my voice – okay – still learning how/when/why/with who to use it.  Team doing better too – more on time info, more equity in work load – glad HR brought you in.” - Production Lead,

 “Green” Manufacturer


“I could say Sylvia’s astute understanding of diverse cultures and how successful organizations work has been invaluable as we implement new programs but in truth – she saved our butt….”

Climate Change Officer, Regional Non-Profit

“Solid investment. Helped us turn that corner from chaotic brain child to strategically savvy, team-based NGO on the grow.  Big Bonus? Better leadership from me!” Founding Executive Director – National Social Justice Not for Profit

“Sylvia is top-notch … quickly connects the dots regarding what’s needed, gets key stakeholders on the same page, and drives desired outcomes… establishes rapport, has a keen sense
of the individual in the context of their organization, and brings the right balance of intuition and wisdom
that enables her clients to achieve their objectives. …demonstrates a passion for her work, has depth of proven experience, and brings the human element along with a smile to any project. For these reasons, and more, I recommend Sylvia to any organization that has high standards,
and is committed to both "results" and "how" those results are achieved.”

Founding Partner, Practice Management Consultancy

“Everyone from the city council to the high school interns love Sylvia and her crew. Attentive, flexible, goal-driven – they model everything to which we aspire as public servants. Seeing skills put into use at every level and our organization’s culture more positive by the day. Our city attorney has already recommended them to another public entity.”  Assistant City Manager – Bay Area Municipality

“Sixteen years ago, Sylvia helped us understand our corporate culture and then move forward realistically with organizational design, performance management, training for staff and leadership; succession planning and help weathering change.  Great lady to work with!”

President, Medical

Billing and Practice Management Consultancy

“Sylvia’s diagnostic and then her work with individuals and teams were exactly what we needed. Recommend her most however for her insights into cultural patterns. 
She “sees” things
that those of us
living it just cannot.“

– Sr. EVP/COO Regional
Commercial Bank

Sylvia accomplished in 5 weeks what I, my boss and HR have struggled to do for over a year.  Staffing conundrum solved – by the person who owned the problem.”

- A.V.P./Branch Manager, Regional Commercial Bank

  “Skeptical at first but the 180 swing in attitude/workable expectations definite bright spots.”

Manager, Regional Data Center, Global Investment Group

“Difficult changes across the board.  Proof in retained talent, solid numbers and functional reporting relationships.  Worthwhile investment. Thank you.”

Managing Director, Commercial Real Estate Finance Company

“Whether training or building teams, Sylvia has been a great help with our managers, supervisors and crew leaders.  Reliable, knowledgeable and every group looks forward to their workshops.  No more complaints about time wasted in staff meetings either!”

 HR Director, U.S. Division of Global Manufacturer (Technology)

“Excellent materials, highly skilled facilitator.  Used West Coast success to justify changes in policy and performance management processes world wide.”

EVP, Operations – Global Publisher of Tax, Accounting and Business Compliance and Reference Solutions

“Not just a confidence-building, thought-provoking coach but a gold mine of resources and people that have proved invaluable to the success of our start up!  Cannot recommend highly enough!” Founder, CEO – Rainwater Catchment Systems

 “Appreciate your work this year.  Our in-house service ratings are up, our costs related to absences and errors down and our departments are actually collaborating.  Most valuable? The new structure for our division and our employee recognition programs.”  VP and Director – MIS, Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm

If I had more budget, you would be in here more often.  Big shift in team work and communication for my management team.  Thank you.”

- Tribal Administrator

“Good discussion.  This was the first time every one contributed and spoke honestly.  The ‘where do we stand’ polls were eye openers. Trust and team work may yet develop.  Thank you.” – General Manager,
Utility District

“Sylvia took a collection of vague complaints and designed a culture-changing learning experience for us – even winning over the naysayers and foot draggers.  We plan to have her back next year.  And the next.”

Chief Administrative Officer – Community College District,
SF Bay Area

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