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When was the last time your entire Executive Team, Board, Tribal Council or Management Team all attended an important conference?

Now you can “send” them all to that one break out session that pertains most to your organization – but without all the expense!

Choose from one of Sylvia’s popular workshops on Organizational Development and Design, Strategic Planning and Implementation, Employee Engagement or Leadership.  (click here to download a full list of workshops.

OR tell us the topic you’d really like the team to learn more about - if it’s in our Wheel House of Expertise, we’ll work with you to create it!


As a Board or Tribal Council, you typically “have one employee” – your CEO, Executive Director, Tribal Administrator or General Manager.  This person manages the rest of the organization’s performance, assuring that staff and leadership understand and achieve your business objectives.

But how do you evaluate their work as a leader?

Go beyond the financial statements and get a clear look at how well they execute the “soft” or intangible skills critical to sustained success - but only experienced directly by their reporting individuals – with our time proven, completely personalized 360⁰ process.


You’ve hired well, provided staff and leadership with the tools they need to do great work and invested in processes and procedures designed to bring out everyone’s best.

So - how is it all going – really?

Don’t wait until you see a drop in productivity, an uptick in turnover or – worse – your customer satisfaction ratings dip before you check on how well – or whether – all those strategies are actually working.

Learn now how your people experience your organization’s culture, what’s helping them do their best and what needs attention.  Our process produces solid data you can use to assure that your people can live up to their potential – and to your strategic intent.

It’s been well documented that dis-agreement can improve the quality of decisions made by a team and can open windows of developmental opportunity for individuals.

But what happens when those different perspectives or opinions no longer prove productive?

Whether you’re facing

  • a team soured by long standing negativity,
  • key individuals whose personal distaste for each other has turned toxic or
  •  two functions whose incivility has degenerated into outright war,

we can help.

Using a fault-free, system approach, our processes allow your people to identify what drives the pattern, devise their own way out of the loop and find common ground upon which they can rebuild their working relationship.

Why wait? We can help your folks clear their path forward, regain their equilibrium and begin a new phase of uncompromised effectiveness!

Merriam Webster defines “tune-up” as:

  • A process in which small changes are made to something (such as an engine) in order to make
    it work better
  • An event or activity that helps you practice or
    prepare for a more important event or activity

Is your – usually high performing – team experiencing
a “moment”?

Or perhaps they’re facing a difficult change or
a daunting transition and need to rally?

Using the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, we’ll
work with you to create a powerful, morale-boosting mini-retreat that will help your team

  • re-discover its strengths,
  • claim ownership of the new circumstances and
  • prepare to succeed, moving forward.

“Two days and we have an updated Vision/Mission PLUS the outline for our next two years?
Excellent facilitator. Built quality teamwork between Council and both* management teams.”

– Chairman, Tribal Council  (*the retreat included managers
of the tribal government and the managers of the tribe’s 200 person enterprise)


Facing a tough decision?

Bringing people in from the field and want to assure their time is well invested?

Or maybe you want a “mini retreat” for your staff and/or leadership in honor of their good work and to assure the unit or organization moves forward confidently?

Whether the topic is difficult or your goal is a hallmark employee recognition event, we can help.

We work with you to clarify objectives, consider all the dynamics and plan to engage your people with the work at hand.  Solidly prepared, you can then relax and lead while we facilitate! (Includes evaluative data you can use to gauge success and plan “next time” and, as appropriate, a visual record/group memory of key decisions and accountabilities for everyone’s reference.)


Straight Talk and Positive Connections (All Hands Interpersonal Communication Skills)

Now that You’re a Supervisor (Supervision 101)

The Truth About Leadership (skills for supervisors, managers and executive leaders)

They LOVE Us! (exceptional customer service skills)

Finding the Me in Team (team work for front facing work groups)

Building the We in Team (team development for supervisors &/or managers)

Beyond Performance Standards (performance management skills for supervisors and managers)


All training programs and workshops are custom built to equip staff and leadership with the core competencies that distinguish your organization. Recent examples include:

Get ‘Er Done! (The Art & Science of Delegation)

You did NOT just say that! (conflict prevention and resolution skills)

I’m sorry – what?? (accepting delegation and other skills for managing your boss)

I Thought we Fixed That (Solving problems so they stay solved; Kepner-Tregoe tools)

Making Meetings Matter (group dynamics, meeting planning & facilitation)

Motivational Mo Jo (motivation and staff engagement principles, tools and practices)

Promotability 101 (“professionalism” as defined by core organizational values)


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